All recipes in one place
Meal Keeper lets you organize all your recipes into a computer library for easy access. When you want to cook something, you no longer have to look through cookbooks, notebooks, or pages torn from magazines and newspapers – just go to your computer and open Meal Keeper. With your favorite recipes in Meal Keeper, you can browse everything faster, find what you need easier, and start cooking instantly.
Enter a recipe easily
Add a recipe in new and handy ways using a special form and a built-in editor that has the same tools and formatting options as Microsoft Word. Just select the food category and enter necessary ingredients, as well as cooking instructions. It is also possible to add photos, rating and additional information, such as author, source, URL-address, cuisine, preparation time and nutrition notes. That’s all you need to do. Simple.
Add an ingredient easily
Meal Keeper offers the library of more than 1000 ingredients with detailed descriptions and photos. Besides, you can easily add your own. For this, select the category of the ingredient, and then enter its price, description, nutrient values, shelf life in days and temperature. Ingredients are necessary when you want to find a dish that contains particular ingredients, or when you generate a shopping list with ingredients for a specific recipe.
Any recipe is just a click away
Meal Keeper lets you quickly find what you want. You can browse all your recipes by categories in the expandable tree. To find something specific, you can search the library for a specific keyword. It’s also possible to narrow down the search by selecting to search within a particular recipe category, for example only in Salads or Desserts or with (or without) specific ingredients such as Beef, Black Pepper, Garlic and anything else you select.
Your nutrition advisor inside
Meal Keeper comes with a built-in nutrition content library. It lets you find out the nutrition content of more than 7000 foods, including calories, protein, total fat, cholesterol and more! Information is provided by USDA.
Print recipes
Viewing recipes on screen is not convenient when you start cooking, or want to share a recipe with a friend. So Meal Keeper lets you print a recipe on paper for either yourself or others.
Customize the look with skins
Take advantage of many beautifully designed skins to personalize the look of the digital cookbook to your preferences. The skins are so many, you can enjoy a new look every week!
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